Tuesday, November 17, 2015

OEC Class: C-Collar & Scenarios

 Tonight for Outdoor Emergency Care class we reviewed an old test, placed a c-collar, made a field expedient neck brace from a Sam Splint, and ran a couple scenarios.

Studying the old test is generally helpful but sometimes frustrating as the book has evolved since this test was used. The new 5th edition of the OEC text sometimes doesn't cover material that was on previous tests, like what should you do with the eyelids of an unconscious patient (we guessed after an initial check to see pupil responsiveness, keep them shut).  The test also had some trick questions and made up words like "polyemisis."

The skills demonstration for the night was how to remove ski boots and helmets while stabilizing the spine.  This led into getting out the c-collar and taking the helmet off to placing the collar while maintaining stabilization. We then practiced making c-collars from Sam splints because we most likely won't be patrolling with huge packs with c-collars. The Sam splint was surprisingly stable.

After everyone had a chance to experiment with the collars I drew the first scenario for the night- bleeding head wound with the complication of HIV patient. I caught the HIV complication early as I was explaining to the patient why I was putting on gloves before touching the him.  Small talk and asking simple questions while explaining what I am doing seems to satisfy the evaluators, calm the patient, and keep the flow of evaluation moving nicely. I guess you could call it bedside manner. The head wound was relatively easy to bandage and we discussed the protocols related to announcing over the radio that I had a bleeding HIV positive patient.

Next I was the victim with a broken clavicle and a secondary injury of a bleeding laceration on my lower right leg. The patroller in the scenario missed the leg injury in his primary assessment but caught it in his secondary assessment. I ended up with a bandage on my leg and my arm slung and swathed.

I'm looking forward to the snowboard skills assessment on the mountain this weekend. Should be a fun day of follow the leader with hopefully six inches or more of new snow!

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