Saturday, November 14, 2015

Avy Bag

The first piece of new gear for the 2016 season is my BCA Float 32 Airbag.  I scored a killer deal on last years model and have yet to take it to the snow, mainly because there is no snow in the local mountains.  Heres how the bag looks packed with my usual essentials but minus additional layers and food/water.

On the outside I rigged my ice axe and trekking poles but I don't like how the spike on the ice axe is near where the airbag would inflate.  Potentially the spike could puncture the bag unless I was to buy the OEM spike cover or rig some kind of cover (cut tennis ball?).

The Float 32 has an outside pouch for avalanche gear marked with the white zipper with sleeves for the shovel handle and probe.  The shovel head fits in snuggly and there is still room for a small first aid kit as well.

The main pouch contains the air cylinder (next to the blue skins pouch) and the connective hoses and wires protected behind velcroed in panels.  In this picture I packed my splitboard crampons, my boot crampons, and skins.

I could fit in an additional layer or two, my avalaung, food, and a 32oz nalgene bottle but that would max out the pack capacity.  There would be no room for a helmet inside the pack.  I also bought the optional snowboard carrier so if I had to hike I could carry the board as a single unit or split it and carry on the sides or diagonally.

The pack is rigged so you can run the trigger on one shoulder strap and a hydration tube in the other shoulder strap but I'm not sure if I will run a bladder and hose as I have had "insulated" tubes freeze on me before.  Once your tube goes you're screwed until you can thaw the hose again and drinking from the bladder wide-mouth opening is no fun.

There are two waist belt pockets but only one is useable as the other holds the leg strap to secure the pack to your body in case you get rolled in an avalanche.

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  1. Great run down on the pack. Seems you could squeeze a few nights out of going hut to hut but you would definitely be minimalist. Looking forward to some action pics.