Thursday, December 3, 2015

Heliski & Freeride in Livigno, Italy!

Heli-skiing in Italy is available only a couple hours from home!  Heliski Livigno is offering incredible rates for heliskiing in an area with incredible terrain.  Shovel, probes, transceivers, and airbags required (and available for rent) but a group of four can get in a single run for 180 Euros per person with each additional run for 95 Euros per person.  The service includes an IFMGA guide so you dont get lost or buried.  At these rates and this incredible location this would be an incredible weekend!

I was starting to plan a heliski trip to Alaska during winter 2017 but the nearly $10k rates for a couple days on the mountain were a huge deterrent.  Italy's terrain is awesome too but much mroe affordable!  I'll have to grab three of the ski patrol guys to head down to Livigno this winter!

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